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rocking chair cushions

rocking chair cushions

While sitting in a rocking chair enjoying rocking to and for you want to feel more comfy and snug in your place. It is true that with the movement your body seeks more rest and comfort. You need to add one or two cushions on your rocking chair to make your rocking experience better. These rocking chair cushions are made in a special way so that they stay in their p lace while you rock and do not slip left or right leaving you on the mercy of hard wood surface of the chair.

For the back make one big cushion that is exactly the size of the back from top to the bottom.  Stitch four cloth strips on the four corners of the cushion to tie it with the wooden frame of the chair. If this option does not look to be practical with your rocking chair, go for two separate cushions that can be placed one above another but in this case also you need to tie them with the cloth strips to keep them in place.

The cushion on the seat is easier to stay in its place but it is better that you tie it also with the chair frame and ensure its proper placement. The following images can help to understand fully how to adjust the rocking chair cushions.

Go creative in designs and colors of the cushions and choose lively shades to accentuate your home interior. Floral designs and bright colors make a better choice for your home.