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Remove the stake and shelf your books
with solid wood bookshelf

Remove the stake and shelf your books with solid wood bookshelf

When books started overflowing from your desktop or piled up your living room, it is the time for you to think about a bookshelf. These bookcases are essential for storing and organising all your stuffs and possessions.

From the elegant and functional shelves to playful storage hardware, solid wood bookshelf is the proven bet to enhance storage capacity. Bookcases must have doors to prevent your all-reading materials from air, pollution and dusts.

Construction of your own solid wooden bookshelf:

You can construction your bookshelf; it may require time, efficiency and proper skills. When making your own bookcase, firstly you need to determine its place and use, and then to select a right type of wood for it.

With some simple steps, you can easily adjust the measurements to build or remodel a case that even more successful meets your storage needs.

  • Take perfect design and measurement of space.
  • Choose correct wood that gives you finished look with durability.
  • Make the selection of the right saw to snithe the board.
  • Sharp the all sides of wood in fine manner.
  • Shape your bookshelf from the bottom to give it a balance.
  • Cut the rabbet joints to make the top of the bookshelf.
  • Drills the holes for adjustable shelving along the bookshelf sides.
  • Assemble all the parts and attach the top of the sides.
  • You can use support blocks for the centre and the bottom shelves.
  • Put the centre bottom shelves in place.
  • To protect the paint on the wall adjoin the back panel.
  • For a custom look, annex the trim.
  • After finishing the above procedure stand the bookshelf.
  • For a finishing look, gently apply Paint and seal the unit.

Selection of proper bookshelf:

If you are planning to install a bookshelf for small stuff with light ornaments in your living room, you may be more concerned about its design and color of the wood rather than its strength. In spite of small stuffs, if you are going to display heavy objects, like your reading materials and home appliances, strength and stability of wood should be on your top priority last’s.

Style and budget come together:

The Solid wood bookshelf is available in a variety of sizes and styles that furnish your home with great decor and give your stake a contemporary look. Like the rest of the shelves, the case is also made from finely sanded edge glued panel sets.

You can get a solid wood bookshelf at the affordable cost, some retailer may charge for particleboard. Its unfinished pine cases can go without any paint or stain hence saves you money. But if you can afford, natural or simply light color looks cool on it.