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Picking the right bedroom color scheme

Picking the right bedroom color scheme

We all know the role color plays in our lives, it can brighten up your mood, or on a different day be the reason you are moody. Since you wake up from long slumbers in this room, it would be ideal for you to add colors here that would make your day.

What are my options?

The most important thing to remember is different rooms would need varying colors, that being said, different styles in your room would also call for different colors. You cannot have nineteenth century furniture, the entire set with the grandfather clock, in your living room, and have the walls painted bright pink. You can choose bright pink for your daughter bedroom though.

Although, you are choosing a color for your bedroom walls, you have to keep take into account the rest of your house.

Ideally the best way around this would be to go with bright colors; they illuminate everything making you feel positive and ready to take on the world. Otherwise, mix up shades of colors you like and have them painted across the room, different colors for different walls, make sure they match each other and the furniture of your bedroom.

Our opinion

You can never go wrong if you go with a bright color. Try not to be too specific since many people move rooms around, today your bedroom will be your guestroom the following year.  Ideally, don’t go with something dull or a complex color combination since you might not be able to match it if you have to turn another room the same color in future.