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“Persian rug” most beautifull art of

“Persian rug” most beautifull art of craft

“Persian rug” this rug is known for its art of design. This style has been coming from Iran for 2500 years ago. Its look is very attractive and pretty. Persian rug has intricate all-over patterns in rugs market. But it is mainly known for its floral print. Sometimes it gives some animal or human figure prints also. The Persian rug is mainly known for pile woven.

There are many verities of Persian rug in the market according to their price. It has many sizes. There are a huge market is available for this rug as per its design and material. The Persian rug is not for just cover a part of an area. It is an important part of decoration to give a royal look to your home.

If someone wants to give a classy look to their home or office, then he/she can choose this type of rug. It gives a tradition look. It can be decorated near a bed, sofa, tea table, in living area or hallway etc.

Here we are presenting some special designs of Persian rug-

  • Floral print- There are many verities of floral print available in the market. It can be small or big in size. The Persian rug is mainly seen in maroon color. It looks awesome in a pile.
  • Animal print-Many companies showcase some animal print Persian rug. It looks different and ravishing. It is mainly used in kids rooms, schools etc
  • Human figure print- It can be like the scenery in view. Some girls are going to take water from well with hanging a pot in their hand is a scene which can be seen in this print.