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Outdoor wicker furniture: Historical yet

Outdoor wicker furniture: Historical yet contemporary

Wicker traces its origin to ancient Egypt. It is a rigid material made from different parts of a plant .It is used to make furniture’s. The primary material which has been traditionally used to make wicker is plant but now plastic is also being increasingly used. Outdoor wicker furniture finds its essence in the fact that while furniture made of other stuff fades away when exposed to sun, wicker endures and moves from strength to strength. You should not confuse rattan with wicker which are often used as synonyms by salesmen but while rattan is a material used to make rattan furniture, wicker is a material made by different materials (one of which could be rattan itself) for making a furniture. While rattan is very heavy and strong, wicker is relatively  light.

The great thing about wicker is that it can be made from any part of the plant or even synthetic materials. Stalks, branches and shoots of a plant (sometimes grass) are especially used for this purpose. This is the reason of its strength. It in spite being done manually still holds sway. This has been possible not only because of its durability but also its beauty .Outdoor wicker furniture are available in great number of designs and there is an ocean to choose from. This has largely been possible because of the great craftsmen and expert who have through their creativity given modern consumers an alternate choice.

Dine and wine

Outdoor wicker furniture is light and so can be easily moved and put to different usages. It is used quiet widely in gardens across the United States of America. A lower base and light body offers unparalleled comfort, a laid back feel which is missing in heavy wood furniture. It should be laden with appropriate cushions which are also light and fit in size. An expert can always enhance its beauty and designs are also varied as they take different shape and size as per the creativity of its maker.

Outdoor wicker furniture is inexpensive .It would almost seem to be coming at throw away prices when compared to furniture of wood .It offers endless options because of the forms it can take in a very limited budget. In countries like Spain it has also been used greatly in the country side for tea and lunch with friends and relatives in the open spaces like courtyard or garden. A great deal of modification has been done in modern times. It is being offered in different variants. Some are all weather while some are made of materials more suited to withstand regional climate. So next time you happen to walk in Toronto do pause for the lovely wickers used extensively in this city’s public places.