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Modern toilet and bathroom designs

Modern toilet and bathroom designs

Let’s admit it! Most of us spend a lot of time in our bathroom nowadays. Home design ideas are blooming with respect to bathroom designs. We see a wide variety of modern bathroom designs in our friends’ house and envy them.

We like to have beautifully designed serene bathrooms. How do we do it? Let’s get some inspiration from the latest design trends in modern bathroom design.

  1. Feature floor tiles

Statement-making floor tiles became popular long ago, and this striking look doesn’t appear to be leaving. They look stunning and provide a great design opportunity. In smaller bathrooms a feature floor tile adds style without overwhelming the space, and when larger bathrooms look elegant with them.

  1. Colours

Monochromatic colour schemes are typical for modern bathrooms, with all-white being one of the most common variations. Look closely, however, and you’ll often find that even a white bathroom has lively textures in marble and tile. Tiles with beautiful floral designs give a lively look to bathrooms.

  1. Plant life

This is a new design idea where small plants are allowed to grow in the bathroom. It could be potted plants or hanging pots or even a vertical garden. This adds more life to the design.

  1. Windows

Windows are an important element of bathroom designs. If window coverings are needed for privacy, a simple roller shade in a pale colour or woven-grass texture would look great. Window walls are also in the fame nowadays.

These are some modern bathroom design ideas that define the trend now.