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Lasting furniture in the Kids room:
Toddler beds

Lasting furniture in the Kids room: Toddler beds

If you are looking for beds that would last a long time in your children’s room, then you should keep in mind their growing needs. The most important aspect is the need for new bed as the child grows. Well when shopping for a toddler bed you should keep in mind to choose a design and style which would not be required to be updated after a few years. This is why it is best thing is to look for beds which can be one thing now and can be changed to a different design, when needed. This is where the stacking beds come into picture. When required you can stack the beds on top of each other, to make it look like a bunk bed.  Later when the kids have outgrown them you can dismantle them into single units.

Why Toddler Bunk Beds?

The Toddler Bunk beds have been one of the most common types of beds which parents buy when the children are young and then go ahead and dismantle them. They can be fun for the younger kids and when they don’t want this set up, just separate them into units for the young adults. However you should make sure that you follow certain guidelines. The first one is to make sure that no child who is less than 6 years should be allowed on the upper bunk. Make sure that the bunk beds are equipped with the regulation sized guard rails. Never forget the safety guidelines when buying the fun beds.

Other types of Toddler beds

We have just looked at one of the most common type, however what if you have an only child. Then what would you do? Well in this case the bunk beds are out of question and so you should look for other options. In this case the beds which have the shapes and designs which kids like. In the usual cases you would see girls would like a princess’s carriage and boys would love the ones with car. However they cannot be used forever. This is why you should look for ones which have the design boards, but they can be removed when not required.

Doesn’t matter what kind of Toddler bed you end up buying, keeping in mind the safety guidelines would definitely help us in the long run.

  1. Make sure the mattress fits the bed securely.
  2. Check the bunk bed ladder to ensure it is sturdy.
  3. Keep the floor next to the bed clear of clothes and/or toys.
  4. Plug in a nightlight so kids can see where they’re going if they need to get up and down from the bed in the middle of the night.
  5. Don’t put bunk beds near ceiling fans or light fixtures.