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Ideas for bedside table lamps with
night  light

Ideas for bedside table lamps with night  light

Bedside table lamps can be a great way for you to dim all other lights in your bedroom and focus on reading. Getting the right bedside table lamp will greatly affect whether your bedtime reading experience will be great or if it will result in a headache or burning eyes. A few ideas on how to ace this are shared in this article.

Get the Right Table for Your Bedside

The bed side table you have will determine to a great extent the kind of bedside lamps you will buy. If the table is small, you will have to go for smaller lamps, while if you’re bedside table is large, it will accommodate larger lamps. A rule of thumb is that the lamps should be at least 1/3 the size of the bedside table.

Set the Bedside Table lamp at the Right Height

This will also depend on the height of your table. If your table is lower than your bed, the height of your lamp should be ideally tall enough for you to easily reach, while if the bedside table is higher than your bed, the lamp should be shorter, to allow you to easily reach the switch.

Consider The Lamp’s Wattage

The right wattage for your bedside lamp should be between 40 to 60 watts. Having too much light will hinder your sleep while having too low wattage will not help in reading. Also avoid colored light bulbs, which can suppress your sleep and give you sleep problems.