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How to buy a modern flokati wool rug for
  your living room?

How to buy a modern flokati wool rug for your living room?

Choosing a flokati rug for your living room can be dicey. While the perfectly chosen one can complete the look of your room, wrong one can make it look incomplete. Moreover, these rugs can be expensive at time, so you don’t want to make any kind of mistakes when you are buying a flokati rug.

Let us help you make a better decision. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most essential things that you should consider while purchasing a flokati rug.

Color- One of the most important aspect of choosing a flokati rug is its color. If you already have a lot of colors in your living room, go for a single-tone rug that compliments your existing interior and furniture. However, if you are planning to jazz up a little, you can choose multiple color rugs. Moreover, if you are planning to re-decorate your room buys the flokati rub first and then chooses the furniture according to it.

Size- The second most important thing is the size of the rug. The flokati rug you choose should fit accurately in your seating area. It is not necessary to spread the rug throughout the room. Just choose the size of rug that is proportionate to your seating area.

Texture- The third most important aspect is the texture of the rug. Mix and match your flokati rug with the texture of your furniture, drapes, etc. to create layered effect in your room. Also consider the factors like whether kids or elderly people will be using the area before choosing the texture.

Remember these 3 points in mind while purchasing a flokati rub to make the perfect decision.