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king size wooden canopy bed frame

king size wooden canopy bed frame

What is a canopy bed? A canopy bed has a post at each corner to act as a frame for drapes that can be drawn shut to keep heat in, or a canopy that allows a bit of privacy. Depending on how large you want your drapes to be, you might want to choose a smaller canopy bed (while bearing the size of your room in mind). IT’s important to consider whether you will still want a canopy bed in the future, as bed frames are expensive and it might get messy if you try and saw off the posts yourself later on.

Why should you buy a canopy bed? You can customize your canopy bed to suit your room, not only with color and size but also style and thickness. If you’re looking for a design inspired by the Renaissance period, then you might want heavy red or gold drapes. While a canopy bed is a very traditional idea, that’s not to say that you can’t make it more contemporary. A thin gossamer or silk might give your room a bit more character, but remember that if the material isn’t thick then it won’t keep much heat in during winter.

Canopy beds might have more appeal in a room that’s shared by more than one person, as they at least give the illusion of privacy. They are also a way for you to express your own individual style, even if that contrasts your surroundings.

So in conclusion, a canopy bed adds style and compliments a bedroom while acting as insulation and as a privacy barrier.