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Facts about a christmas story leg lamp

Facts about a christmas story leg lamp

A Leg Lamp basically originates from A Christmas Story. It is considered to be one of those props of the movie that is the most recognizable as well as iconic of all the times. There have been made a number of replicas of this lamp and have been given a lot of major awards and prizes for the fans all around and they are available in different shops of gifts and stationary.

The author of A Christmas Story was Jean Shepherd; he was inspired for creating this leg lamp after he saw an illuminated advertisement. The lamp was supposed to be firstly described in the year 1966 in another novel. After that it was supposed to be fully described with all the details in the story of Shepherd and later on in another film in the year 1976. Some of the details about the lamp were different from those described earlier.

You can still find some leg lamps that are used as decoration pieces and as normal beautiful lamps for decorating the bed room or living room also. The sizes of these lamps can vary according the the requirements of the customers who want to buy them for keeping them on the place where ever they want them to be.

The idea and concept of such a type of lamp is very different from a normal and ordinary lamp. This type of lamp gives a unique site to the place very it is placed and every body gives it a look for a while.