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Experiment with new themes for baby girl
room decor

Experiment with new themes for baby girl room decor

Decorating your baby girl room, according to the stories and princess rooms with fancy frills and lacy pink shade is not necessary. These are also very common options in trend for ages, but in today’s era where people love to experiment with colors and themes there are varied options available to choose to decorate your baby girl room.

The most commonly available options to décor, baby girl room is to choose a theme where you will be coordinating every item in the room from bedding to curtains for the window to wall decor to match with the chosen theme accordingly. Popular baby girl room decor themes are butterfly, flowers, princess, ladybug, garden themes or their any favorite cartoon character. If you don’t want to limit with a particular theme you can chose a color scheme for the little girls room.

Decor style is also another option available for the baby girl room decor like modern or vintage styles along with shabby chic style also. You need to keep it in your mind that while decorating the room is should not be colored with one color only. A better option is to coordinate the basic color with some other shades to get a perfect look of the room. While decorating the walls of the room don’t limit yourself with a particular heme of art work ,you can experiment with ribbons , hanging pieces or create a unique treasure box where all little memories of your girl should be kept safely.

Think ahead of the future while buying the furniture for your baby room otherwise you have to redo the whole process in couple of years only. Choose furniture that will grow with your child and can be useful in the later years of the baby child. Chose convertible furniture which can be adjusted according to the baby age to avoid trouble of buying a new furniture in a short span of time only. Check the safety parameter with no sharp edges in the furniture item.

While decorating the room consider the foremost comfort factor in the room. The baby should be comfortable and happy while staying in the room. It should be full of fresh light and air to provide space for the child to grow in a healthy environment. Remember that your baby will be spending lot of quality time in the room. Keep sufficient space for the storage of baby toys and clothing with other essentials to. It should not look clutter and should be safe for your child to stay. You can check online stores and blogs to get an idea bout latest trends and themes available to decorate your baby room.