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Energise your day with Feng Shui Living

Energise your day with Feng Shui Living Room

Living room has important role in making a house look big or small. A living room should not be too big or too small. It is enough if it accommodates the members of the family. A proportionate sized living room will enable the ‘Chi’ energy to enlighten the fortune, wealth and health of the family by decorating the living room in Feng Shui style. This style is based on the laws of Chinese customs about the positioning of things in a house. By positioning the appropriate furniture in its addressing element will activate the elements, to give more fortune and opportunities of success in life.

Layout of the Feng Shue Living Room

The five important elements which mentioned in feng shui living room style are water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

The North side is the location for the element, water. So, the north side of the living room is for addressed to water element which represents growth and prosperity. Including particular things will activate the energy of that particular element. Hang a waterscape painting in which a calm meandering stream flows into the room or a water fall. Using the paintings of a boat or a ship is also good because the ship represents the inward flow of opportunities and wealth. Use blue and black colours for north side. Placing a water fountain or an aquarium of eight red fish and a black fish will also enrich the power of the water element.

The North-east and South-west side is attributed to the element of earth. Decorate these directions with earth tone colours like brown, mustard, clay, russet and tan. Use crystals, ceramics, potteries, hand blown glass wares, cut glasses and candle holders.

The West and North-west side can be decorated with colour of bronze, gold, gray and blue. Metal photo frames of your family, metal figurines, metal bowls and cups and metal furniture can be placed near by the walls because this direction of the room addressed to the element of Metal.

The South side of the living room is the place for activating the element of fire. Position the fire place in this direction. Things that are in green, red, orange and pink colours can be used for decoration. Wood furniture along the south wall is also advisable.

The East and the South-east is for the element of wood. Put earth element things in this direction as it feeds wood. Use brown and green colours, live house plants, books and bookshelves to decorate this side.

Activate ‘chi’ Energy

To activate ‘chi’ energy in feng shui living room, lighting is important. With natural lighting, use artificial lightings like table lamps. Over head lighting like a chandelier is also serves the purpose better. More than two doors or excessive windows are considered inauspicious since the ‘chi’ energy enters and exists both. Mostly the living room is the gathering place for whole family, so, it should accommodate the feng shui energies to preserve the health, wealth and future of the family.