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Design ideas for ceramic bathroom
wall  tiles

Design ideas for ceramic bathroom wall  tiles

Bathroom is one place where we enjoy being in. We like the bathroom to feel good and look good. Some bathrooms are so attractive that we don’t really feel like going out. Bathrooms were originally designed for utilitarian purposes. But, nowadays modern bathroom designs have transformed bathrooms into works of art. Modern bathroom design elements like Bathroom wall tiles, floor tiles, showers and fittings, wall and ceiling paint, bathroom lamps, Vanity mirrors etc have changed our perception on our bathrooms.

Bathroom wall tiles in bathroom designs.

Bathroom wall tiles have the potential to turn the bathroom into a captivating and exquisite place inside the home. They are available in variety of designs, colours and textures at a wide variety of rates. Different interior designers use different themes to design the bathroom using wall tiles. Some go by the traditional designs by using 1 by 1 tiles in a monochromatic design. Some creative designers use mix and match designs by blending tiles of different designs.

Modern designs are seen where the entire bathroom including the wall and ceiling is covered with tiles. They look really good with the right kind of tiles and design. The texture of the tile gives a distinct feel and finish to the bathroom. Tiles with a wide variety of textures are available in the market nowadays. Using mosaic in the bathroom was a trend used traditionally which is being followed even now. Mosaic murals are a stunning addition to the bathroom.