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Decorating the cute teenage girl
dream  room ideas

Decorating the cute teenage girl dream  room ideas

A bed room is a place where a teen age girl spends most of her time when she is at home. Teenage girl bed room reflects the original mood, nature and temperament of a teen age girl, so it should be designed and decorated accordingly. Let’s have a look how to decorate a teen age girl bedroom,

PAINT OF THE ROOM: Being a teen age girl the selection of color shade for the bed room should be quite shocking. Besides paint you can also go with wall papers of your favorite print and colour. Unique kind of color scheme can also be adopted like three walls of same colorand one main broad wall of the opposite contrast color. Choice is always yours. So before planning keep the following factors in mind,

*CURTAINS AND BEDDING: Mostly teen age girls want fast color curtains and bed linen for their bed rooms. Keeping your priority in mind go for the colors of curtains that either you need same or contrast  color from bedroom shade some  teenage girls want a complete pink colored room and some want a peace  full white shaded room.

*MAKE YOUR STUDY CORNER: Arrange one corner of your room as the study side with a study table, triangular book shelves and also a table lamp.

*LIGHTS AND WARDROBES: Proper lighting system will give your room an extra ordinary look. Also design enough ward robes for your clothing and shoes etc. always keep in mind the wardrobes should be deep enough to accommodate all your personal storage.

The teenage girl bed room must be a unique one to give you complete peace and calm.