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Decorate your living room with Cocktail

Decorate your living room with Cocktail tables

Selecting furniture’s for your house is a hectic task, you will go from shops to shops or from one website to another until you find the right kind and fall in love with it. Tables are an important item (furniture) for the house. There are many types of tables like coffee tables, dining tables, work tables, study tables etc. Each one has its own unique use but basically it all serves the same purpose, to keep something on top of it. Tables like study tables also have drawers to keep something in it but dining tables and coffee tables are designed to be plain and simple.

Types of Coffee tables

Coffee tables are called cocktail tables which are short tables (can be above or below the height from your feet to knee). They are usually placed in front of sofas or other types of chairs in the living room. They are used to keep magazines, newspapers or any other type of decorative items to make your living room more attractive and lively. There are different designs of cocktail tables today in many sizes to suit the size of your living room. They also come in many colors to match the colors of other furniture’s like sofa. There are many types of coffee tables in the market now that are quite popular like leather cocktail tables, wooden coffee tables etc. There are models in which bases are made up of steel or wood and the top is glass. Their top comes in various shapes like square, rectangle, round etc and sometimes the tables itself can be a cube or cuboid.