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Cute single bed frame for kids  room

Cute single bed frame for kids  room

Single bed frames are made both of metal and wood and can be practically created in both the materials quite easily. The do not have to be assembled as they come with railings supporting the frame of the bed. The single Bed frames are generally made small in size because it ensures strength of the bed and does not let the bed get squeaky. Single bed frames are great furniture to be kept in your child’s room. You should take certain things into notice before deciding whether to buy a metal frame or a wooden frame.

Metal Frames

Metal frames can be a little dangerous for a kid’s room as they might expose sharp edges after a while. They come with a good padding and once the mattresses have been placed, they are not such a bad deal but it never hurts to be extra careful with the metal beds. You can either keep one bed for a single child or two for two children. They can be joined together or kept separately in a room. Another thing to take into notice is if the flooring of your child’s room is wooden or marble. Metal beds have a tendency to ruin soft floorings.
Wooden Frames

Wooden frames look good and they also feel good. They do not spoil the soft floorings as the wood does not chip the edges. They are also great for interiors that have a little primitive look to them. You can always mix and match when it comes to single bed frames.