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Creative simple basement bar ideas

Creative simple basement bar ideas

It is considered to be a cool factor to have a basement bar. You can revamp your neglected basement space with the addition of a car which serves double duty. You can relax as well as host a great party at your basement bar.

Use your favorite bar as the inspiration for your basement bar. You can incorporate stone walls and exposed bricks which are right in trend these days as far as home decor is concerned. You can add visual interest with textured stone. For relaxed seating, you can incorporate bar stools with high backs. To stock up your favorite liquor, you can add shelves behind the bar.

Design modern basement bar

Go for a lighter look if you are planning for a contemporary basement bar design. You need to opt for look that features clear lines on your furniture. A bar that has been entirely designed with wood holds well if you intend to design a modern basement bar. You have several options to choose from such as oak, walnut or teak bar top. You can have your counter custom made as per your tastes.

Swivel barstools would make a great addition to your modern basement bar. Black synthetic leather seats would impart a classy, sophisticated look to your bar. These would even offer comfort as you chill out with your buddies discussing the latest football scores. A modern flair is impacted by a chrome base chair which can be adjusted as per height.

Follow these simple tips to design your own creative basement bar.