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Cot beds provides a joyful experience to

Cot beds provides a joyful experience to you

Everybody wants to make there child to have a sound sleep at the end of a day. It is always advisable to sleep on the floor as it is the natural state. But cot beds are used by people to make bedroom a tranquil place of comfort for their child. There are different ways to decorate a bedroom.

Different types of beds are used by people to suit their childrens requirement based on the size of the room and the number of children to fit onto. Another thing which has to be kept in mind while choosing them will be quality because a good one will last a longtime than the normal cheap ones. There are different types available such as single, double, king size, and queen size beds.

Children’s Cot beds

Infant beds are usually cage like ones which prevents the baby from falling out of their beds. These are of recent development because of the reluctance of the parents to share their beds or because of cultural reasons. Lots of varieties for different ages are available in the market. There are bassinets, mosses baskets, cradles, travel beds, toddler beds etc. Cribs should be such that they should send the babies to sleep with minimum discomfort. Parents find endless ways to add things to their baby’s nursery. Usually when a baby outgrows cradle the need for a bunker begins. Most of them have removable sides to make it easy for the parents to lift the babies in and out the bed. At the same babies find place to move back and forth. They can be used till the babies are 8-9 years of age. After that, these toddler beds can be comfortably converted into adult beds. Wooden ones are most preferred because they are nontoxic materials which will not cause any harm to the babies. The US government has made it a mandatory rule that the slits between the sides of the cribs should be less.

Mattresses for Cot Beds

To add to a delightful sleep mattress is inevitable. Next important thing which should occupy one’s mind while planning to select a bed is a mattress which best suits to the cot. Babies sleep almost 15-16 hours a day. So to ensure a safe and healthy growth these tend to occupy a very significant in any nursery. Water proof mattresses which escape bedbug entry and bite with allergy proof are most preferred.

In addition to mattresses there are certain other things which can be used along with cot beds. They are baby sheets, Baby blankets, Coverlets and comforters, sleeping bags, quilts, cot bumpers. Baby sheets can be used when they grow bigger and move a lot in the stalls. Baby coverlet or comforters are quilts which gives additional comfort to babies. Cot bumpers help the babies from getting hurt due to hard sides.