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Choose unique kitchen colors to make
place livelier

Choose unique kitchen colors to make place livelier

The Kitchen is the soul of any house. It is a place where you cook , eat and create memories while eating with your friends and family. The place should be full of excitement , safe to cook and should brighten up your mood. If you are renovating or recoloring your kitchen you must be confused which color to choose. So here are some tips which will be helpful in the color selection.

Color is an integral part of any room of the house.  Kitchen Colors play a vital role in creating the look of the area while making it a lively place. You can use a combination of colors to decorate your kitchen area, but remember mismatch or inappropriate theme can ruin the looks. The Color of the kitchen influences the mood of the person and also to look large or small.

Many manufacturers are huge range of options to choose coordinated perfectly of their cabinets , flooring and appliances. Some of the best kitchen colors are brown , peach , lemon , pink. The color theme changes very frequently, but some are in trend for several years.

White is a popular kitchen color due to clean look it offers but there is a disadvantage of white color that it result in cold look and feel. That is a reason white is always combined with other shade to get the perfect look.

So guidelines which will be helpful in selecting best color for your kitchen area:

  • The kitchen color should be split into a recommended percentage which is 60-30-10 of three colors.
  • Major color should be in walls which is the dominant one also. Secondary color should be used in flooring or rugs where as remaining 10 % should be for other important item in the kitchen area.
  • Neutral color can be paired up with any shade of color to get best neutral finish in the area.

You can experiment with small portion painting and check easily, whether it suits the kitchen or not. The paint companies offer various packages in which professionals visit your place and guide you the best suitable color coordinated perfectly with the house.

You can gather tips from various magazines which specialize in color and its trendy themes. The Internet is also a great source of collecting ideas about kitchen colors and you can select the one best fitted according to your kitchen size.

You should keep in your mind that natural light or artificial light both plays a key role in enhancing the after affects of any color. So if your kitchen has sufficient sun light otherwise you need to fit various style and type of lights in the kitchen area to complete the look.