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Aesthetics black shower curtain

Aesthetics black shower curtain

We all want our bathroom to look picture perfect because, that’s the room that is completely personal and private. The first aspect that pops up when we think of décor is the color scheme. Very few people have the nerve to use black as the primary color scheme of the décor for their bathrooms.

Why black?

There are many bright colours to choose from, so why use black? Well, for one, black is a bold color to use in the décor. It not only adds a dark element to the décor, but also makes it look classy. It exudes a sense of reassuring calm and offsets any other color used in the décor. On the practical side, the dirt does not show easily making it easy on maintenance.


Aesthetically, black curtains look suave and offer a stark contrast to the room when used with white flooring or walls. This helps in creating a sense of space within the bathroom while maintaining the cozy privacy of the bathing area. While it helps in making the bathroom look spacious, it makes the bathing area look private and comfortable. The black curtains highlight the other bathroom accessories which are brightly colored. In spite of it being a dark colour, it beautifully highlights other dark colors like red, green, orange and adds a fun element to the entire décor.

Children’s bathroom

Although black is not children’s color, it can be used to bring out the bright and jovial feeling of the kid’s bathroom. The black curtain could be embellished with fun prints in green, white, lemon yellow or orange to add brightness to the décor.