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A Guide to Choosing Ceiling Light Shades

A Guide to Choosing Ceiling Light Shades

Your ceiling is the most exposed part of any room in your house and it is only appropriate that you decorate it well to make your rooms attractive, appealing and welcoming. One way you can achieve these is by choosing the right ceiling light shades. Choosing light shades for your ceiling requires that you consider a number of factors.

Type of Light Shade

There are different types of light shades for the ceiling:

  • Drum shades – These are cylindrical in design with their top and bottom remaining open. They produce very bright lighting both above and below.
  • Cone shades – These are cone-shaped in design. While regular ones light up the area below, inverted ones light up the ceiling with the lighting beaming back into a room.
  • Pendant shades – These are some of the most decorative light shades for the ceiling.
  • Multiple shades – These are shades that cover several bulbs illuminated from a single source.


It is important to consider the kind of material used in making light shades for the ceiling because different materials impact differently on lighting. Shades are in most cases made of such materials as fabric, plastic, metal, glass and paper among other materials.


Ceiling light shades are available with different fixtures that determine how easy or hard it is to install or change them. Such fixtures include easy-fit, screw, clip, metal wire and cable hook fixtures.


One way to decorate your ceiling is to choose light shades in a style that compliments overall style of your rooms. You have the option of choosing a shade in modern, classic, novelty or minimal style.