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There are so many different types of bathroom curtains available in the market which makes it difficult and confusing to select the best one for your bathroom. A bathroom curtain should also match with the décor of the bathroom. It should be selected considering different elements in the bathroom like wall color, toilet, wash basin, shower curtain rods, tiles, etc.

Many people try to match the color of the wall with the color of the curtain. But this should not be done. The bathroom curtain should be bought in accordance to the bathroom theme. It will make the environment in the bathroom bold, refreshing and aesthetic.

The usage of the shower curtain is also an important decision maker when shopping for it. Decide in advance if you want the curtain for display or for functional use. Accordingly select the design, texture and color of the bathroom curtain.

Different Fabrics available for bathroom curtain

  • Cloth shower curtain: These are normally more expensive and available in different materials like cotton polyester or combinations. They are available in wide variety of designs and are washable.
  • Plastic shower curtain: They are made from PVC or vinyl. They are more durable and less expensive. They are easy to clean
  • Hook less shower curtain: Hook less Shower curtain are a variations that does not needs hanging to the rods. They are very easy to install and are more popular among people. They have holes that can pass through the rods
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Short blackout curtains ideas for bedroom Thu, 17 Jan 2019 15:45:00 +0000

Bedroom curtains are an essential part of a bedroom. Not only do they control the lighting of the room, their style and color also adds to the theme of the bedroom. In order to choose an ideal pair of bedroom curtains, one must keep in mind the following steps. Firstly, you should keep in mind the size and type of your window. For example, for large windows, one must choose curtains which are long enough to cover the windows. Similarly, if the windows are made of glass, an appropriate choice of curtains would be cloth blinds, which look elegant with glass.

Next you must remember how well-lit your room is to choose the material of the curtains. If your windows are small and they don’t let a lot of light pass through them, then you should go for a light, flimsy material i.e. organza or paper silk. On the other hand, if your windows let too much light pass through them and you want something to darken the room at times, the best choice of curtain material would be heavy velvet or silk. You could also use lined curtains for this purpose, to maximize the effect.

Thirdly, the color of the curtain is very important. The color you choose should go along with the overall theme of your room. That way, they would blend in with your room and add to the effect you initially had in mind while choosing that certain theme.

Once you follow these steps, your bedroom curtains would become a fitting element of your room.

LOZUJOJU Short Blackout Curtains for Living Room Bedroom Thread Floral  Design Grey Curtain Modern Style Drapery for Kitchen Door Curtains Cheap  Curtains 1pcs Wave Roman Curtains Tulle Vienna Light Color Sheer For Living Room  Bedroom Window Kitchen Short blackout curtain 4 color PRAVIVE Blackout Curtains for Bedroom - Thermal Insulated Grommet Privacy Short  Curtains for Small Windows/ NICETOWN Grey Blackout Curtain Panels for Bedroom, Thermal Insulated  Grommet Top Blackout Draperies and Drapes 2018 new Korean solid color short blackout curtains for bedroom / living  room modern and simple curtains for kitchen balcony Jcpenney Blackout Curtains Design Short Bedroom Curtains Unbelievable The  Best Cordial Together With Small Windows Blackout Ideas 2018 new Korean solid color short blackout curtains for bedroom / living  room modern and simple curtains for kitchen balcony NICETOWN Blackout Window Curtain for Bedroom - (Grey Color) Home Decoration  Thermal Insulated Room YOJA Thermal Insulated Grommet Top Window Short Blackout Curtains for  Bedroom Greyish White,52" LOZUJOJU Short blackout curtains for bedroom living room thread leaves  design brown curtain drapery fabric for kitchen door Quickview MYSKY HOME Short Blackout Curtains for Living Room Faux Linen Thermal  Insulated Grommet Top Room Darkening ]]> 0
Modern beaded door curtains – enhance the beauty of your home Wed, 16 Jan 2019 19:25:00 +0000

Door curtains will add interest as well as beauty at your home entrance, and many times it also provides solutions to different solution to problems. Door draper, easily hung to a curtain pole and it will protect you against heat and draft and the door curtains that are made up of thermal backing material will help you in keeping warm in cold days. The door curtains provide privacy as well as focus to décor and it can also be used on the entrance door, interior door or on French door which have a window of full length.

There are numerous styles of curtains available for enhancing you entrance. Opaque curtains will filter excessive and unwelcomed light and also protect your possession. This sort of curtains is suitable for bedrooms or some other rooms where a person prefer privacy. Sheer curtains provide more light and are good for hanging on kitchen as well as on the gathering room doors.

Door drapes is a solution for a full length cabinet or for closets which do not have door, that provide a closet view. This can be practically used bathrooms and in bedrooms. It is quite suitable for renters who do not alter the space with any modification permanently.

Temporary curtains for door which is made up of strings, paper, beads or from cloth streamer will be a great addition to the party. It will add mystery for a guest and marking the party space boundaries. It is easy to hung this curtain from a curtain pole and similarly easy to remove it.

I like beaded curtains for some odd reason. :) Colorful Hanging Door Beads-bead curtain-Glass Beaded Curtain-colorful  Glass Beaded Suncatcher-outdoor beaded door curtain-beaded glass curtain  Glass can be String Door Curtain Beads Divider Crystal Tassel Fringe Beaded Window Panel  deko Bookcase Beaded Curtain 125 Strands (+hanging hardware) Mardi gras beads into a beaded door curtain. Colorful Hanging Door Beads-bead curtain-Glass Beaded Curtain-colorful  Glass Beaded Suncatcher-outdoor beaded door curtain-beaded glass curtain  Glass can be BoatBeach_L.jpg String Door Curtain Beads Room Divider Crystal Tassel Fringe Beaded Window  Pane Beaded Door Curtains - Extra Long Beaded Door Curtains Louver Door Beaded Curtain 125 Strands (+hanging hardware) Beaded Floral Flower Semi-Sheer Thermal Single Curtain Panel ]]> 0
Blackout curtains for bedroom windows, the new green! Tue, 15 Jan 2019 23:05:00 +0000

As the name suggests, blackout curtains are curtains with the light blocking ability. Made up of thick fabrics like silk or chenille, they can actually block about 90% of the light that ordinarily flows through a window. Found mostly in hotel rooms, these curtains have now gained much popularity among the home furnishings and appear  on the top list of all interior designers.

If you are doing up your room and are looking for some great curtains, then you have to consider blackout curtains, simply for the awesome benefits that they offer. To start with, majorly they prove to be a blessing for the day sleepers, or babies, or shift workers, as  they  help them get the desired rest during the day by blocking all that light.

Secondly, the blackout curtains are able to block out 40% of the outside noise. Now this can be incredible to maintain that peace and quiet during the afternoon naps. Also, it can be assumed that they also block the noise from inside to an extent to travel out, which gives that added privacy while living in close structures. And lastly, and the most significant of all, is the energy saving ability of blackout curtains. They can actually help you save up to 25% on your electricity bills as they help to keep the heat in the room during winters, while reflecting the heat out during those scavenging summers!

Available in umpteen colors and patterns, they reckon to be the best purchase for your homes! NICETOWN Blackout Curtains Panels for Bedroom - Window Blackout Curtains Brown Bedroom Window Curtains Living Blackout Curtains Black 63 inch Bedroom Window Curtain NICETOWN Full Shading Curtains for Windows, Super Heavy Online Shop Modern Quatrefoil Pattern Blackout Curtains for Living Modern Blue Stripe Blackout Curtains For Living Room Decoration Blackout Curtains for Bedroom Triple Weave Light How to Make No Sew Black-Out Curtains | Home | Curtains, Bedroom Blackout Curtains For Bedroom , Modern Contemporary European luxury gold coffee velvet Blackout curtains for Living Room Blackout Curtain 63 inch Long Bedroom Window Linen Look ]]> 0
Best elegant fabric shower curtains with valance can give a bright look to the bathroom Mon, 14 Jan 2019 01:20:00 +0000

Have you decided to purchase a shower curtain for your bathroom? Then you must visit to the web pages so that you can get some idea about this. You will get much information regarding this. You may get specific ideas about its style, designs, and colours of shower curtains.

If you are searching for stylish curtain you can get it in the market. Different companies have variety styles with varied colours so you can easily select this from that collections. If you want plain, boarded, or embroidered. Curtain you will have enough choice to select. Some people like to decorate their bathroom with white back ground in ethnic style.  Classic style always attracts other.

Best way to care: You can say that your dream has been fulfilled and you can have nice Shower Curtains in your bathroom. If you have nice things at home then you should maintain it properly otherwise the money you have spent for it will go to ash. You can select the colour in contrast the tiles and marbles of the bathroom.

It will give a beautiful look and will become the envious factor to your friends. The contrasting colours of the curtains are tempting to others. Many of your friends ask you about these curtains so that they can use the same at their homes. The company has made it to customize the customers. Its cost is not very high and you can afford this easily. It would be better if you buy more than one at a time.

Faux curtain turned to shower- darling idea | Make It Home in 2019 Nimbus Stripe Shower Curtain with Attached Valance in 2018 Hudson & Essex Elegant Purple Blue Beige Fabric Shower Shop Elegant Gray Pink Taupe Fabric Shower Curtain - On Sale - Free Shower Curtains | Birch Lane Swag Shower Curtain Double Set Elegant Curtains u2013 BingoWings Double Swag Shower Curtains Shower Curtains Outlet MAYTEX Angelina Floral Embroidery Fabric Shower Curtain: Shopko Shop Elegant Shower Curtain and Hooks - On Sale - Free Shipping On Shower Curtains | Birch Lane Birds Of A Feather: Vintage Glam: Before and After! | Bathrooms Decorative Fabric Shower Curtain White and Gray ]]> 0
Tips to find the best modern window curtains ideas for living room Sat, 29 Dec 2018 09:10:00 +0000

It is important to choose the best quality living room curtains as it can make your home look very elegant and comfortable. They come in various styles and designs and you need to choose them carefully depending on your requirement. Also the material of the curtains will make a lot of difference to the living room. If you choose the perfect curtains for your living room, you can enhance the entire look of your home. Let us see some of the tips to choose the best curtains for your living room.

Things to consider while buying curtains

Choose the living room curtains depending on the lighting you require in the room.

Dark coloured and thick curtains are good if you want to block excess light and get more privacy. They are also good when you use air conditioning in the room.

Light coloured and thin curtains are good if you want natural sunlight. It will make your room appear more bright.

While silk curtains look elegant, they are difficult to maintain.

The colour of the curtains should blend well with the colour of the room and furniture.

It is available in any budget and you can choose the one that best suits your requirement. You need not have to spend a lot of money on these curtains because you will get bored with the same look and tend to change it often.

You should choose curtains depending on the type of windows you have in your living room.

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My choice my rules – cute curtains for living room windows Mon, 24 Dec 2018 22:25:00 +0000

For a flawless home, one must be apt at the living room. The living room contains the grace and elegance of whole of the house. To gain attention in respect of the living room, one must have the proper furniture and matching decor for it. Also not to forget that the decor must not be too much in order not to feel awkwardness in front of any person coming to your house.

The decency should be maintained. With reference to the colors of the walls, it has also some attention if it matches to the furniture used. Nevertheless, the thing not to be forgotten is the curtains for the living room.

WHY IMPORTANT: A person who is designing the room should always consider the texture, the color and making of the curtains. The curtains for living room should be chosen as such that if sun is being faced, they should block the rays of sun in order to avoid any inconvenience caused. Light texture will not help to block the rays. Also too heavy texture will be a problem in winters. So a person should choose the texture accordingly.

After the texture, color should be given importance. As the curtains are not easily removed and washed, so the color chosen must not be light. A mediocre color, with relation to the color of furniture which put together will be just right. Lastly, the making of the curtains should also be made into consideration. A little design on curtains will add to quality of your living room and encourage it, making it magnificent.

1. White Chrome Grommet 3 Coordinating Panelspatio door?? Living Room Decor Curtains, Livingroom bay windows and grey curtains. Source. swing arm living room curtains Thermalogic Allegra Grommet Top Insulated Thermal Curtain Pair Neutral Curtains, Sheer Drapes, Sheer Curtains Bedroom, Classic Curtains Window Treatments for Large Windows 15 Window Blinds and Curtains Living  Room Window Treatments window ideas for living room | Curtains Round 3 black-textured-curtains Quickview Curtain Ideas For Living Room Windows Violet Colors ]]> 0
Modern lifestyle – sheer damask curtains Sat, 15 Dec 2018 09:40:00 +0000

Of many uses, one of the most important uses of curtain is protection. The protection of the rooms from sunlight is probably the best thing ever. We can sleep well in the afternoons without any furrows on face due to the sunlight. It is like a shady tree placed right above us.

In earlier times, the curtains used were dull and of single texture only. These were heavily draped and these were just used for as a cover in your home. But now, in the 20th century, things have changed a lot. The curtains are just not used as a drape, as a cover, but are used as an ornament which is used as in the décor of the room. It has become an important belonging in the rooms of the house.

So they should not be overlooked. And making dull and single colored curtains; it makes the room look depressing. So, in recent times, people have switched over to different variety of curtains called the damask curtains.

CONSTITUTION: The damask curtains are made of special piece of cloth known as damask fabric. There is a reversible pattern woven on the fabric which makes it even more delighting. Also it is woven on different fabrics, such as cotton, silk etc. The distinctive part about these curtains is that they match with the modern furniture yet they do look sober. So, if you want to buy some good looking and somber curtains, you should probably go for the woven damask curtains.

Damask Printed Sheer Curtain. Saved. View Larger. Roll Over Image to Zoom Damask Printed Sheer Curtain. Saved. View Larger. Roll Over Image to Zoom Damask White Embroidered Rod Pocket 96 inch Sheer Curtains Sheer Curtains , Damask & Toile Curtains , Living Room Curtains ivory damask burnout sheer curtain Linen Curtains | Sheer Drapes | Damask Curtains | oh to wish | Curtains, Damask  curtains, Damask. Les Baoyi Elegant Embroidered Tulle Curtains For Living Room Sheer Grey  Curtain Bedroom European Damask Flower Panels Window Damask Printed Sheer Curtain. Saved. View Larger. Roll Over Image to Zoom Two Damask Sheer Curtains Custom Made to Order. Embroidered Damask Pattern  On White Background. Custom Size Available. Four colors. damask sheer Curtain Beautiful Panels with Rayon/Polyester Lining Well  Priced , Good for Bedroom ME Adel Damask Sheer Grommet Curtain Panels (Set of 2) allen + roth Bristol Sheer 84-in White Polyester Rod Pocket Sheer ]]> 0
Wise use of decorative metal curtain tie backs Sun, 09 Dec 2018 06:15:00 +0000

Curtains are crucial to maintain vibrancy of the room. They not only serve as an important characteristic of home decoration but even play several prominent roles like maintaining privacy and preventing direct sunlight into the room thus keeping it cool. A wise choice of patterns helps embellish other features and the room itself.

Accessories: Along with a variety of designs available for the comfort of each room, accessories help serving the purpose to utilize curtains in the best possible ways.

Curtain rings: Curtain rings can be conveniently attached to the curtains; these enable smooth sliding of curtains over the road. These may be used depending on the style and design of the curtain. Some curtains tend to be ready to install, i.e. these have readymade loops over them for the purpose of passing through the curtain rod.

Tie Backs: Curtains vary in terms of fabric as well, some tend to be so heavy that it seems to be difficult to every time struggle sliding the apart in a quest for sunlight in the room. Curtain Tie Backs can be tied around the curtain in the center allowing more passage of light. Tie Backs are available in different unique designs and materials like cord, chain and others that exaggerate the look of the curtain.

Finials: Finial is a fancy item placed at the end of curtain rod to lock the curtain. These are available in different colors and designs. One can chose an appropriate finial considering the design of curtain and style of the room.

Metal Antler Curtain Tie Backs Bathroom Sinks, Toilets, Cabinet and Door Hardware, Home Decor & More! Metal  Curtain Tie BacksCurtain Curtain Tie Backs Hand Forged Wrought Iron by FurnaceBrookIron Metal Drapery Holdbacks Blue Tie Backs Fabric Curtain Tiebacks Outdoor Curtains  Curtain Tie Backs Bronze Home Harmony Decorative Pair of Curtain Holdbacks Wall Mounted Curtain Tie  Backs Scroll Curtain Tiebacks Set Curtain Tie Back Hold Backs Black Silver & Gold Metal Holders High-quality  New Harmony Home Decorative Curtain Holdbacks Wall Mounted Curtain Tie Backs  Pack of 2 Availablie in Black or Silver (Silver, Ball Diamond):  Traveller Black Metal Curtain Tie Backs Curtain Holdback, Curtain Tiebacks, Holdbacks, Tie Backs, The Shabby Store,  Tiebacks, Wall Hook, Window Treatments, Curtain Hook trendy tieback tricks custom curtains blog metal curtain tie backs  683x1024.jpg ]]> 0
Finding those perfect nursery curtains with blackout lining Fri, 07 Dec 2018 08:30:00 +0000

So you’re expecting?! That is amazing! So many things to get ready for and decorating your nursery is just one of those. But with multiple details to keep in mind, you will need some help. Some tips for selecting the perfect nursery curtains will move your job along.

First things first – your baby’s room should look light and joyful, so the color is one of the top priorities. Select the color of the nursery curtains based on dominant shades you have in the room. The curtains can both match or contrast that dominant shade. You can also match or contrast the non-dominant, but outstanding color (for instance you have a centerpiece which is green while the room is creamed – your curtain can be green too). Curtain does not have to be one color, it can be striped or with small decorations, like squares or circles. Avoid

Next thing to keep in mind is material – it has to be natural. Kids tend to put everything in the mouth, curtains might be one of those things, so be safe and find a natural material, such as organic cotton and the paint must be safe as well if it has been painted. The top priority should always be your baby’s health.

Other relevant things can be shapes and length, the nursery curtains length must depend on the size of window, as well the size of the room, and smaller rooms need shorter curtains. You can also choose rectangular shaped curtains, as well as asymmetry can fit nicely.

Next time you go shopping, you know how to find the perfect nursery curtains.

nursery curtains with blackout lining u2013 Nursery Blackout Curtains: How To Make Blackout Curtains - Step By Step Sewing Tutorial H.VERSAILTEX Faux Silk Natural 100% Blackout Lined Pair Stylish pencil pleat curtains with a star design in a satin and matt Nursery Curtains With Blackout Lining Pattern Curtains Purple RYB HOME Completely Blackout Lined Curtains with 2 Black little home at John Lewis Star Pencil Pleat Pair Blackout Lined Tutorial: How to Sew DIY Black-out Lined Back-tab Curtains Nursery Curtains & Blinds : Target Deconovo Total Blackout Curtain Panels Thermal Insulated How To Make Curtains With Blackout Lining | So Much Better With Age ]]> 0